Convicts & Gangsters

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Plus Size Convict & Gangster Costumes

Halloween is almost here! Order your plus size convict and gangster costumes now for all your upcoming Halloween parties!


Let your inner bad side come out, not only for Halloween but for fun at home. The plus size convict and gangster costumes will make you feel great and confident and allow your playful side to be exposed. You won’t even need to rob a bank, these costumes are a great affordable price. Plus size women can have fun while feeling sexy and confident too on Halloween, and provides that for our customers! Be found guilty of driving that loved one crazy with a sexy full figured convict costume or show you want the job done right and be a gangster gal. Our mobster boss costume can make you boss and call the shots. Halloween is the best time for women who want to dress sexy when they go out, especially for those ladies who are a little shy doing so on regular days. Don’t just use these for Halloween! You'll appreciate the romance, sex appeal and danger that these plus size costumes have. Get risky and pretend you live life on the edge with any of the plus size convict and gangster costumes we carry. Don’t just order one!