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Plus Size Sleep Shirts - Feel comfortable while sleeping

There is nothing more relaxing then slipping into a comfortable sleep shirt after a stressful day. Check out our selection on plus size sleep shirts.

Full Figured Sleep shirts

Is there a better way to be warm and sexy in bed than wearing a sexy woman’s sleep shirt? The answer is no of course. We all know that the main advantage of sleep shirts is the comfort that they provide. The soft material that they are made of will keep you warm at night, and they are easy to slip one on and enjoy your night. When you want to relax you just put on the sleep shirt and enjoy your well deserved rest. Women’s skin is soft and needs good care, which is provided by these night wear options.

Just imagine yourself in a sexy plus size sleep shirt, maybe a satin one with stretch lace. Now imagine that it is soft and fluid with beautiful drape to accentuate your wonderful form, and available in different colors and prints. There are many examples of stunning styles you can find yourself in as a plus size woman.

Then there are times when women just want a simple and practical night and a nice cozy flannel plus size night shirt is the perfect thing. That is when a simple sleep shirt comes to play, but most of the time that is not the only thing women wish for when it comes to night wear. Plus size women and skinny women want it to be everything at once, why not being sexy, cozy and glamorous at the same time? Thankfully today there are so many varieties to choose from, so that you don’t have to worry and you can be sure to find the right one for you here at

When it comes to practical versus design, design typically wins. That is because our eyes want to see beautiful things and they do not care about comfort. That is why when you go to bed you like to look at least a bit glamorous even if you do not seem at all so in the morning when yousee the stranger in the mirror. But even if you don't want to go for that full morning look of glamour there are still some really nice BBW sleep shirts for women on our site at the moment.

Pastels in different shades are very popular in today’s fashion. After all you are a smart, sassy and sophisticated woman, and you want to keep a little elegance in your bedroom, and you do not really want to go to bed to with a picture of Mickey Mouse on your nightdress or plus size sleep shirt.