Things To Consider In Choosing The Right Bra For Large Heavy Breasts

Posted by Lembrassa on 26th Feb 2021

Things To Consider In Choosing The Right Bra For Large Heavy Breasts

Wearing the right size bra is as essential as finding the perfect outfit for the day. The right bra will provide comfort and support, especially for all-day wearing. For women with larger breasts, the search becomes a bit more challenging. Some lingerie stores may not offer bigger options, so some women opt for smaller bras than their size.

Choosing the right bra for large, heavy breasts is also vital since your undergarments support your outer garments. Not having the right bra will make your top or your dress less flattering. If you’re looking for the best minimizer bras for full-figured women, here are some things you need to consider first.

The Right Fit

The best minimizer bras for full figured women have the perfect fit. Many women fall into the trap of purchasing smaller or bigger bras due to preference or unavailability. However, doing so will result in uncomfortable wear. Some signs of bras with the wrong fit include straps constantly falling into your shoulders, underwire digging into your breasts causing soreness, and bra cups that gape. If you experience any of these signs, it’s time to choose either a bigger or smaller size option.

Cup Size

For full figured women, bra cups should fit smoothly across the breast with no gapping. The material in between two cups should also lie flat on your chest. The underwire should support the perimeter of the breasts, without pressing which can cause soreness.

Bra Band

For larger and heavy breasts, support is everything. As for bras, most support actually comes from the band and not from the cups. Find a bra with a band that fits evenly and does not move when you raise your arms. The band should lie smoothly across your back. When it shifts as you move, then your bra is too big. Bras should also be worn on the loosest hook. To give leeway as the bra naturally stretches over time. If you can slip two fingers in your bra band, then you are wearing the right size.

Swapping Bras

On average, women should buy a new bra every six months. Bras wear out quickly when used often, so make it a habit to swap out bras frequently in order to maintain their shape and use them for more extended periods. Once your bra shows signs of wear and tear, like frayed edges, exposed underwire, and lesser support, it might be time to throw them away and get a new set of undergarments.

Consider your Breast Shape

Aside from the size of your breasts, you also have to take into consideration the shape of your twins. Different bra styles give various support and comfort depending on your breast shape. For instance, a balconette type of bra is the perfect choice for teardrop-shaped busts. However, for larger breasts, unlined bras offer the best support and flattering effect.


You don’t need heavy and stiff bras to provide you a good amount of support. Various light materials are now integrated into bras to offer the same support, without the industrial-feel. The key to finding the best bra is to find one with strong fabric panels on the sides. Also, try to find a bra with padded cups that give more definition and better shape to your breasts. Some bras have a side boning for better band grip. For women with larger breasts, you can also opt for bras with padded straps for over-all comfort.


Finding the best minimizer bras for full figured women can be overwhelming. However, with the right knowledge on what to look for on a perfect bra, we can guarantee you’ll find the right size and fit for you. Although bras for larger breasts are limited compared to regular ones, various local and online stores now offer wider options you can choose from. Make sure to put comfort and support your priority when purchasing the best full figured bra for you.