Camisoles & Cami Sets

Sexy Plus Size Camisoles and Cami Sets - Different styles and shapes just for you!

Whether you're going for a sweet style or something a little sultrier, we offer a great variety of plus size camisoles for sale.

BBW Camisoles and Cami Sets

When it comes to women’s comfort level, lingerie plays an important role, because lingerie hugs the most important, intimate and sensual parts of her body. Sexy plus size camisoles are body conscious, they are adjusted to women's unique curves, and wrap around the body nicely. The right fit is most important when it comes to women’s undergarments, and that applies to camisoles as well.

Camisoles are also called camis - sleeveless lingerie for women that cover the upper part of the body. A variety of sleeveless body shaping undergarments have been derived from the camisole shape, offering medium control of the bust, waist and/or abdomen. Sexy plus size camisoles usually have thin straps with bras built in to provide bust support with a sexy bra-less look. We offer a wide range of varieties and cuts to choose from, ranging from different shapes and exposed or covered bellys. Our sexy plus size camisoles and sexy plus size cami sets are made from lightweight materials such as cotton, silk, satin, nylon, lycra, etc.

With camisoles women are able to show off their assets, both in the front and the back. The best part is that they can be worn either as an outerwear or as underwear or even as sleep wear. Sexy plus size camisole sets are a sexy addition in any women’s closet, but they are very versatile too and come with matching panties, which may be briefs, shorts, or thongs. Camisole sets can be worn as a sexy piece of lingerie or underneath your outfit to keep you warm.

Today it is fashionable to wear camisoles as shirts. In the summer time they are sometimes worn instead of tank tops, and many women have begun wearing plus size camisoles under jackets and suits as a fashionable alternative to the business button-down shirt. Our camisole sets also make great pajamas; they are lightweight enough to help you stay cool in the summer months when our bedrooms heat up.However, we guarantee they can heat up the bedrooms in other ways, too.

Camisole sets can make you feel so sexy and gorgeous, and your partner will feel the same way. The best advantage is that they really do look wonderful on all body types, and they are even more versatile and practical because of the built in bra. Whether you're going for a sweet style or something a little more sultry, you can get all different types of looks by simply changing colors, fabric types, and designs of your camisole sets. For women who do not feel comfortable without a bra, camisoles are the answer as some camisole also comes with the built-in bras.