​Your Ultimate Panty Guide- Understanding the Different Styles

​Your Ultimate Panty Guide- Understanding the Different Styles

Posted by Nadia Bulifa on 21st Jan 2024

Panties are an essential element of every woman's wardrobe, offering both comfort and style. With a myriad of styles to choose from, finding the perfect pair can be an exciting journey for your derriere. In this ultimate panty guide, get ready to discover the perfect match for every mood, preference, and occasion.


Briefs have stood the test of time, embodying a classic style. With a higher waist for a comfortable fit and greater coverage compared to other styles, briefs are a practical choice for everyday wear. They strike a balance between comfort and modesty, making them a staple in many collections.


From a racy lingerie item to a wardrobe staple, thongs have evolved over the years. Available in versatile fabrics to suit preferences, thongs offer minimal back coverage, making them an ideal choice for form-fitting outfits like leggings or a little black dress. Quick Release Thongs are also popular, providing easy access when you're feeling extra playful. 

Hipster Panties

Sitting just above the hips, hipsters feature a wider waistband for added comfort and style. Their incredible adaptability makes them suitable for any outfit, providing a modern and trendy look.


Boyshorts offer a feminine twist on the classic boxer style, providing extended coverage beyond the cheeks and adding a dash of feminine flair. Playful and flirty, this style exudes a sense of fun and comfort. For a cute variation from traditional boyshort underwear, check out a ruffle boyshort with bows on the back. 


G-Strings, the mischievous cousin of the thong. With a design resembling thongs but featuring less fabric, G-strings are characterized by a narrow string connecting the front and back. Offering minimal front coverage, G-strings provide a daring alternative to thongs that’s all about turning up the heat.


Bikinis offer the perfect blend of modest coverage for a comfy and balanced fit. With a semi-high cut leg design and a classic low-sitting on the hips, bikinis resemble traditional underwear briefs. Explore the various styles available, from hipster to high cut, and discover your perfect bikini match.

French Cut

Featuring a high waistband for added support, French-cut panties have high-cut leg holes positioned just above the widest part of the thigh. Designed to provide incredible coverage, support, and comfort, French-cut panties offer a balanced and flattering look. Get ready to flaunt that je ne sais quoi – because who says undies can't be tres magnifique?


Balancing exposure and coverage, cheekies provide more support than a thong while exposing your cheeks more than a brief. Infusing a flirty element, cheekies distinguish themselves with additional coverage on the sides.

Caged Back

Perfect for intimate occasions, caged back panties feature a visually striking "caged back" appearance created by crisscrossing straps. The unique strap placement and open design offer a sensual and stylish look, making them a bold addition to your lingerie drawer.

Control Underwear

Ideal for shaping and smoothing the abdominal area, control panties are commonly worn under dresses or skirts for discreet body contouring. Providing extra support to the tummy region, they create a slimming effect for a polished and streamlined silhouette.

Seamless Panties

Designed with no visible seams, seamless panties offer a smooth and discreet look. Perfect for dresses and tight-fitting clothes, they lay flat on the skin, ensuring a seamless appearance without the need for bands or garters.

Crotchless Panties

Open along the crotch, crotchless panties offer a daring and provocative design that’s all about making a statement. Allowing for air flow and comfort, the easy access feature adds a playful and alluring element, making them a fun and adventurous addition to any intimate look. Ready to take daring to a whole new level? Give the Wet Look Crotchless Panty a whirl.

With this ultimate panty guide, you now have a comprehensive understanding of the diverse styles available. Whether you're seeking comfort, elegance, or a touch of playfulness, there's a panty style to suit every preference and occasion. Pair them with women's lingerie for an even more seductive outfit. 

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